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Ocena stanu prawnego funkcjonowania polskich parków narodowych

Praca zbiorowa
ISBN: 978-83-208-2199-4
Pages: 258
Publication date: 2015
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The book contains legal analysis that evaluates the application of provisions of the Nature Protection Act of 2004 which regulate the activity of Polish national parks. The act in question distinguishes between the following forms of nature protection: national parks; natural reserves; landscape parks; areas of protected landscape; areas Nature 2000; nature monument; documentation sites; environmental cultivations; natural and landscape groupings; protection species of plant, animals and fungi. Each of the above-mentioned forms has a different role in the Polish legal system of natural protection and has different aims, therefore each has its specific protection regime and is safeguarded by different scopes of restrictions specified in the provisions of law concerning their use and cultivation. Taken together, the forms of natural protection constitute a large and diversified set of legal measures that enables the state to perform the task of natural protection. The measures in question were developed in effect of evolution of scientific fundaments of natural protection and stemming from many years of practice in this field. On the other hand, they are a result of the need to consolidate the same within specific provisions of law. Natural protection in the form of the national park is conservative protection that establishes legal restrictions in connection with natural protection upon the area of the park. A national park is formed in order to maintain biological diversity, resources, creations and components of inanimate nature and of landscape values; to restore the proper condition of resources and components of nature; and to recreate degraded habitat of nature, including plants, animals or fungi. The Authors undertook an attempt to evaluate the legislation in question and to answer the question whether the provisions in force of the act on natural protection are sufficient and manage to comprehensively regulate the activities of national parks, or whether they require amendments.

  Macroeconomics ID: 366681340

The book is a modern manual that contains presentation of the key issues of contemporary macroeconomics. The Authors discuss the output of the theory of economics, enriching their considerations with numerous references to realities of Polish economy which is one significant strength of the book. The scope of knowledge presented is convergent with curricula of macroeconomics implemented in most universities of economics in Poland. The manual was prepared by members of scholar personnel having considerable teaching experience, and representing the University of Economics in Cracow, University of Economics in Poznan, University of Lodz, University of Warsaw, and Warsaw School of Economics.


The book is mainly intended for students in the faculties of economics, but may also provide a source of knowledge for students of information technologies, econometry, law and administration, sociology, political sciences, European sciences, social policies or journalism and social communication. It is also certainly going to prove interesting to students of post-graduate studies, doctoral students, scholars as well as business practitioners.


Praca zbiorowa
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