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Język ciała. Siedem lekcji komunikacji niewerbalnej

James Borg
ISBN: 978-83-208-1900-7
Pages: 188
Publication date: 2011
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: 162x237
Translation: Marlena Złoch
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Everybody uses body language in communicating with others. Most of us do it unconsciously. Non-verbal communication can either strengthen or weaken the meaning of the words we say. The book helps the readers to improve their skills in this field and to be able to rightly interpret other people’s body language.
The book, among other things, brings answers to the following questions:
What is body language?
How particular gestures and behaviors should be interpreted?
Why the tone and volume of voice are so important for a communication to be effective?
Which gestures should be avoided in order not to discourage persons to whom we speak?
How can you tell somebody is lying?
How to improve the effectiveness of one’s communication?
How important the ability of listening is in communication?
What should you pay special attention to while doing a presentation?
How to make a good impression during an interview?

It should be observed the Author, James Borg, gives no simple answers, being aware that reducing the field of body language to simplified hints or tips may bring more harm than benefit.

While discussing these issues, the Author presents practical knowledge based upon findings of scientific research. Other strengths of the book include its accessible language and interesting examples. The book is addressed to anybody who wants to enjoy success in their professional and social life thanks to being competent in body language.


Author James Borg

Od wydawcy
Od autora
Wstęp: Gdyby można było czytać w myślach
Rozdział 1: Lekcja 1: Język umysłu i ciała
Rozdział 2: Lekcja 2: Patrzenie
Rozdział 3: Lekcja 3: Słuchanie
Rozdział 4: Lekcja 4: Kończyny
Rozdział 5: Lekcja 5: Kłamstwa
Rozdział 6: Lekcja 6: Bycie lubianym
Rozdział 7: Lekcja 7: Przecieki
Przegląd siedmiu lekcji — umiejętność odczytywania ciała i umysłu

James Borg

Psychologist of work, consultant and personal coach. For many years involved in issues concerning non-verbal communication and persuasion, both in his research work and practice in psychology.

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