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Osobowość. Jak uwolnić swoje ukryte siły

Dr Rob Yeung
ISBN: 978-83-208-1997-7
Pages: 192
Publication date: 2012
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: 162x237
Translation: Hubert Górski
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Every person is unique and exceptional. Everybody has individual attributes that make up their personality. The key to become successful is to get to know one’s strengths and to become aware of one’s weaknesses. People who made it to the top achieved that because they were able to control their weaknesses and avoid situations in which they could have revealed and stand in their way. At the same time, they did everything to make themselves visible and distinguished in the field in which they felt best.

In his book “Personality", The Author, Rob Yeung, PhD, described which traits of personality may determine both private and professional life of any man. He explains what is personality and how it can be defined; shows how personality determined human curiosity of the world, choices people make, abilities of adaptation, position within a group, sensibility in relations with other people and many other aspects of life. Furthermore, the Author suggests ways and methods to modify anybody’s personality so it becomes easier for people to achieve the goals set and fulfill ambitions.

The book is mandatory to anybody interested in enjoying success in professional career and in social life thanks to competent knowledge about the traits of their own personalities.

Rob Yeung, PhD, a psychologist and coach, has been an authority in the area of psychology of achievements. He has coached, among others, business leaders, famous sportsmen, celebrities of movie and TV environment, musicians. By applying personality tests, he helped his clients to make best use of their strengths and to achieve success.


The review of the book can be read in the "Profit News" magazine:


O autorze
Rozdział 1. Wycisnąć z siebie, ile się da
Rozdział 2. Dociekliwość
Rozdział 3. Odporność
Rozdział 4. Kontaktowość
Rozdział 5. Sumienność
Rozdział 6. Wrażliwość
Rozdział 7. Głód wiedzy
Rozdział 8. Motywacja
Rozdział 9. Przechodzenie na wyższy poziom
Wsparcie dla Twojej firmy

Dr Rob Yeung
Dr Rob Yeung

Expert in the area of business, an authority in that of psychology of achievements. Certified psychologist, member of the British Psychological Society, doctor in psychology of gymnastics and sport with particular emphasis upon motivation and achievement of record-breaking results. Has qualifications of personal coach and instructor of aerobic.
Director of Talentspace – a consulting company dealing with leadership. Runs trainings for managerial staff and employee teams in the area of methods of achievement of objectives.
Often appears in TV as expert – both in CNN and ITN news and in Big Brother or Working Lunch programs. In BBC television he runs a program How To Get Your Dream Job. Author of many books, often cited in the press, i.a. by “Financial Times” and “Guardian” daily newspapers.
Applied tests of personality in order to penetrate human minds, assisting organizations in crisis situations, in employing the most appropriate persons. Together with managers worked on improving working efficiency. Performed tests with celebrities of BBC-broadcast Strictly Come Dancing.
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