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Journal of Marketing and Market Studies 6/2020

ISSN: 1231-7853
Pages: 36
Publication date: 2020
Place publication: Warszawa
Binding: paperback
Format: A4
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.6.1
JEL: L81, M31, M21, M15

Marketing automation is a combination of software and business strategy. Enables you to educate and nurture potential customers using highly personalized, useful content that helps transform potential customers into company's satisfied customers. Marketing automation software identifies potential customers and then directs the appropriate personalized marketing message to them. The program automatically prepares offers and advertising content and sends them to a specific group of customers, based on the previously created contact database. The purpose of this chapter is to discuss the functions, expected effects and products of marketing automation, RFID and Internet of Things (IoT). The integration of inteligent technologies means that information for decision-making processes can be delivered from the entire supply chain and products identified in the RFID network, as well as from customers. The article indicates research directions of the scope of using marketing automation and sales platforms in enterprises. In recent years, despite the growing interest and increased use of intelligent technologies to automate sales and marketing processes, there is a surprising lack of research on how and why marketers use these platforms. This gap in knowledge can be filled by research to better understand who uses intelligent technologies, for what purpose and what are the conditions for success in implementing these innovative information technologies. The author assumes that dominates the review and conceptual nature of this scientific study.

Keywords: marketing; marketing automation; functions; effects of marketing automation; intelligent technologies; RFID; Internet of Things
DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.6.2
JEL: D00, D12, D22, D50, D60, L20, L93, L20, L93, M31

The air transport market in Poland is developing very dynamically and is characterized by great potential. The interdependence between air transport and the political and economic situation forces the airlines to observe the environment and react to changes occurring in it. Marketing activities are one of the forms of the company's influence on the market, and social media are currently becoming one of the most important marketing channels. The presence of airlines in social media is not only a tool for shaping trends in the environment, but also helps to maintain relations with existing customers and acquire the new ones. The aim of the paper is to evaluate the marketing activities of airlines in social media. The paper analyses the use of tools in social media by airlines, including the observation of crisis situation management. The research subject is LOT Polish Airlines (PLL LOT), and their marketing activities in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter are monitored. The data collected were compared with the activity of other European air carriers. Moreover, the social media activities of LOT Polish Airlines were analyzed on the basis of two negative events concerning working conditions in the company, one of whichconcerned a crisis situation caused by  an employee strike. The research was conducted in the period October 2018–February 2020, in selected months. As a result of the research, improvements were proposed and directions for further research were indicated.

Keywords: social media; LOT Polish Airlines; marketing; crisis management
DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.6.3
JEL: M31, L81

Nowadays, each of us, wherever he may be, will always be influenced by external impulses. Their purposeful use fits into the field of marketing. Merchandising, which falls within its scope, includes a set of tools thanks to which store owners can influence the purchasing behavior of consumers. Merchandising techniques give a kind of psychological advantage over consumers, which is used to increase store turnover. One of them is "Biedronka", chosen by the vast majority of Poles. "Biedronka" is a leader among discount stores and continuous modernizations not only contribute to its success, but also increase its advantage over others. The purpose of the work is to show the standards and merchandising solutions used in the "Biedronka" chain stores and show, that they are not universal, but suited to the location and demographic conditions. The research method consists of two parts. The first of these requires a literature review about the significance of merchandising and the techniques and standard solutions used in various types of stores. This allows for further - practical - analysis of the "Biedronka" chain stores.

Keywords: merchandising; "Biedronka"; discount store; retail trade; consumer behaviour
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