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Dr Grażyna Wieteska

PhD in Economic Sciences in the field of Management Sciences. Her research interests are focused on the issues of strengthening the resilience of supply chains and managing product lifecycle based on the principles of the circular economy. She was involved in many international research, development and educational projects carried out in cooperation with Polish and foreign universities. Principal Investigator Researcher within SIMBIO Project entitled "New Frontiers in Social Innovation Research: Social Innovation Management for BIOPlastics" in UŁ. Author and co-author of over fifty publications on risk management and business continuity management.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2021.3.1
JEL: D22, O35, Q01

The aim of the article is to present the development of bio-packaging supply chains as a market trend towards meeting the principles of the circular economy (CE) and the concept of research focused on it. The authors explain the need to undertake and constantly deepen cooperation of stakeholders in creating social innovations, necessary to design circular supply chains of bio-packaging to meet CE principles. They open the perspective of research on the conditions and significance of the development of biopackaging market and closed loop to contribute to the achievements of life sciences by presenting results and conclusions in the background of social sciences. The concept of their research has also application values, as it integrates stakeholders from private and public sectors in the pursuit of creating and implementing innovations.

Keywords: biopolymer; packaging; supply chain; circular economy; social innovation