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Aims and scope

The "Journal of Marketing and Market Studies" monthly magazine has been published uninterruptedly since 1994, being the leading scientific magazine in the area of marketing in Poland. Its strong position stems from the quality of the authors publishing in it – they are prominent scholars and scientists involved in the area of marketing and market operation, from Poland’s key academic centers, as well as experts experienced in that field. The magazine provides a bridge to combine theory with practice, contributes to development of knowledge and faces new research challenges by publishing reviewed scientific articles dedicated to problems of the theory of marketing, marketing strategies, marketing operations, consumer behaviors and market functioning. 

For many years the magazine was focused upon publication of scientific articles analyzing the problems of marketing and market from the Polish perspective. However, the processes of globalization, whose influence is especially witnessed in issues belonging to the thematic scope of the magazine, stimulated an increased interest of Polish researchers with marketing and market solutions on a broader perspective, i.e. on international and in particular European scale. Then it was observed that foreign scholars have also become interested in knowing the Polish experience and research in the area of marketing and the functioning of Polish market in the context of the Single Market of the European Union. Accordingly, since 2019 the magazine started the process of internationalization by inviting experts affiliated abroad to its Scientific Board and to contribute reviews. 

The magazine has mainly been addressed to people professionally involved in marketing, i.e. scholar personnel of Polish and foreign universities, heads of large and small enterprises, heads and staff members of marketing departments, employees of advertising and market research agencies, as well as to students of marketing in various types of universities – in fact to everybody interested in current knowledge about the most recent trends in marketing. 

The aim of the “Journal of Marketing and Market Studies”, in collaboration between its editorial staff with authors, reviewers and readers, is to publish high quality scientific articles that maintain supreme scholar and ethical standards and reach the communities of the region. The “Journal of Marketing and Market Studies” aspires to be the first-choice magazine for scientists in the area of marketing.