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We inform you that our service, in order to comply to the obligation stemming from the amendment of provisions of the Act of 16 July 2004 – Telecommunications Law, contains a kind information on the cookie policy applied (Paragraph 11 of Regulations of PWE Online Book Store), because we do use cookies i.e. small text files sent to user’s computers or other mobile devices, which include chunks of information essential for proper operation of service, including, in particular, the process of authorisation. Importantly, cookies are not used to process or store any personal data. Instead, cookies are used in order to simplify or bypassing some specific operations, including, among other things, to record data that are necessary to log a user in, to better adapt the service to the user’s needs, or to create statistics of viewership. Cookies may also be used by companies collaborating with the service. The condition for cookies to work is their acceptance by a browser used as well as refraining from their deletion. Using our service without changes made to cookies-related settings means they will be recorded and stored in the end user’s device memory. 

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