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Impact of eco packaging on consumer purchase behawior

Product packaging is a major environmental problem that causes waste pollution and has a negative impact on flora and fauna. Nowadays consumers are becoming more socially responsible, they are concerned about environmental issues. Therefore, brands are embarking on the development of green marketing. However, research shows that there is a gap between the consumer's intention to buy eco-friendly products and the actual buying practice. The issue under investigation in this paper is related to the impact of the eco-product packaging on the consumer's purchasing behavior; we seek to identify the factors influencing the green purchasing behavior of consumers. The article analyzes the concept of consumer purchasing behavior, the types of consumer purchasing behavior and the factors influencing consumer purchasing behavior, discusses the decision-making process and identifies factors affecting the purchase of green packaging products. This paper provides a conceptual framework of factors affecting the purchase of green packaging products. The methods employed in this research are: analysis of literature and other references, synthesis and logical analysis of information, comparison of information, systemization and visualization.

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Keywords: eco packaging; eco-friendly packaging; consumer behawior.



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