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Aims and scope

The principal objective of the magazine published since 1949 is to publish the scientific output and present the findings of research and analyses concerning the key theories, concepts and problems in the area of contemporary legal sciences and the science on administration in business context. The problems discussed in the articles include preparation, implementation and functioning of various legal instruments. Therefore, our publications relate to broadly understood aspects of economic, commercial, civil, copyright, banking, administrative, and financial law.

Articles published in the magazine provide a valuable source of knowledge and information for a broad range of readers, including scholars and researchers, students and doctoral students of universities in the faculties of law and economics; for practitioners: judges, lawyers and legal advisors, personnel of law firms, managers involved in the market of financial services, experts working in commissions of both chambers of the Parliament; as well as for anybody professionally interested in the current situation and changes occurring in the economy.

For many years the magazine was focused on publication of scientific articles that analyzed the problems of economic and commercial legislation from the Polish perspective. However, Poland’s membership in the European Union and the process of implementation of the acquis communataire to Polish legal order contributed to an increasing interest on the part of Polish scholars and scientists in solutions applied in this context on the scale of the region, i.e. the European Union. On the other part, also foreign experts have increasingly expressed their intent to learn about Polish experiences and research outcomes in the field of implementation of commercial law. Accordingly, since 2019 the magazine started the process of internationalization by inviting experts affiliated abroad to its Scientific Board and to contribute reviews. Its editorial staff has an ambition to publish texts that not only analyze domestic problems, but cover more and more of international issues. Therefore, in its editorial policy the magazine puts most emphasis upon problems related with adaptation of Polish law to the legislation of the European Union, as well as with direct implementation of the Community legislation into the national legal order.

The magazine has an ambition to play the role of a scientific and discussion forum with participation of both Polish and foreign experts in the areas of law, including prominent scholars from reputable universities and experienced practitioners in these areas.