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DOI: 10.33226/0137-5490.2020.3.6
JEL: K22

Review of the case law of the Supreme Court in business matters in 201

The subject of the article is revue rulings of the
Supreme Court which were judged in 2019. The
author presents main points of the decisions and short
comments to them. The judgements deal with such
problems like list of receivable debts, kind of power of
attorney under article 210 of The Commercial
Company Code, right trustee to bring an action
against the resolution of the shareholders, cost of
private opinion as a damage, liquidated damages,
recovery costs of debts, marital property separation in
case of declaration of bankruptcy.

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Keywords: judgement; The Supreme Court


Uchwała SN z 18.01.2019 r. (III CZP 55/18), Legalis nr 1865154.
Uchwała SN z 30.01.2019 r. (III CZP 71/18), Legalis nr 1870561.
Uchwała SN z 20.02.2019 r. (III CZP 93/18), Legalis nr 1875337.
Uchwała SN z 29.05.2019 r., (III CZP 68/18), Legalis nr 1923011.
Uchwała SN z 25.07.2019 r. (III CZP 18/19), Legalis nr 1977201.
Uchwała SN z 2.09.2019 r. (III CZP 99/18), Legalis nr 2202957.
Uchwała SN z 20.11.2019 r. (III CZP 3/19), Legalis nr 2250688.
Uchwała SN z 12.12.2019 r. (III CZP 48/19), Legalis nr 2259275.
Uchwała SN z 16.12.2019 r., (III CZP 7/19), Legalis nr 2260968.

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