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DOI: 10.33226/0032-6186.2023.4.8
JEL: K31

Mobbing prerequisites – the latest jurisprudence of the Supreme Court

The study collects and organizes problematic issues related to the definition of mobbing adopted in Polish labor law (Article 94(3) of the Labour Code). The author describes the behaviors and effects of those behaviors that bear the features of mobbing against the background of the judicature of the Supreme Court, including in the judgment, in which it was clearly emphasized that the employer is responsible for the effects of mobbing also when its perpetrator acted unintentionally and his responsibility for the actions of the mobber, which is another employee is also conditioned by incurring personal risk, which includes, among others, responsibility for the effects of actions taken by individual employees (especially in managerial positions).

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Keywords: mobbing; employer's obligations; employer's personal risk
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