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Aims and scope

The key objective of the monthly magazine, uninterruptedly published since 1959, is to disseminate the scientific output, findings of research and analyses concerning the most important theories, concepts and problems experienced as regards legal and social aspects of the following areas: 

- individual and collective labor law as well as other bases for performing paid work, 
- social and health insurance, 
- employment, including of foreign citizens and handicapped persons, 
- personnel policy, 
- labor conditions,
- social matters in broad understanding. 

Articles published in the magazine provide a valuable source of knowledge and information useful for a broad range of readers, including researchers, students and doctoral students, as well as practitioners: judges, lawyers and legal advisors, trade union activists, employers' organizations, local government employees, companies and institutions, especially employees of personnel departments. 

The magazine combines theoretical reflection with practical approach, and publishes materials of theoretical, comprehensive nature, as well as dealing with problems of interpretation of legal regulations in force. The issues covered includes, among other things, the assessments of the existing legislation and of proposed new solutions, in particular in the light of jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. For many years the magazine was focused on publication of scientific articles that analyzed general issues concerning labor and social security seen from the Polish perspective. However, Poland’s accession to and membership in the European Union entailed the need to reveal these problems not only from the national point of view, but also and increasingly in international perspective, including mainly in relation to the legislation of the European Union. Accordingly, since 2019 the magazine started the process of internationalization by inviting experts affiliated abroad to its Scientific Board and to contribute reviews. Its editorial staff has an ambition to publish texts that not only analyze domestic problems, but cover more and more of international issues. This relates, among other things, to comparative analyzes of solutions in the area of labor law adopted in other countries of the region. 

The magazine also discusses practical aspects of the problems considered by publishing comments, votes and remarks about legal rulings, or reviews of new legislation regarding both Polish (e.g. in the form of explanations given by the the National Labor Inspectorate) and the Community problems, in particular with respect to judicature of the Court of Justice of the European Union. 

Authors publishing in the magazine are experts in the area of labor law and social insurance, including scholars from eminent universities and extraordinary practitioners. The editors also invite foreign authors as contributors, thus enabling confrontation of solutions and trends seen in the European Union and globally with the situation witnessed in Poland. Texts published in the magazine enjoy good repute thanks to their high quality level.