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Scientific Board

​President of Scientific Board

Dr hab. Krzysztof Rączka, prof. UW - Law and Administration Faculty, Warsaw University (Poland)


Members of Scientific Board

  • ​Prof. David Cabrelli, School of Law, University of Edinburgh (UK) 
  • Prof. Bettina Hummer, Faculty of Law, Criminal Justice and Public Administration, Université de Lausanne (Suisse)
  • Józef Iwulski, judge of The Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland (Poland) 
  • Dr hab. Monika Lewandowicz-Machnikowska, SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities  (Poland)
  • Prof. Andriej Łusznikow, P.G. Demidov University in Yaroslavl (Russia) 
  • Dr hab. Michał Raczkowski, University of Warsaw (Poland)
  • Prof. Helga Oberloskamp, Higher Vocational College in Cologne (Germany) 
  • Prof. dr hab. Jerzy Oniszczuk, Warsaw School and Economic (Poland)
  • Dr hab. Piotr Prusinowski, University of Warmia i Mazury in Olsztyn, President of Labour Law and Social Security Chamber of the Supreme Court (Poland) 
  • Prof. dr hab. Walerian Sanetra, University of Bialystok (Poland)
  • Prof. Marlene Schmit, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) 
  • Dr Anja Steiner, The Social Insurance Court in Bayreuth (Germany)