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Dr inż. Marzena Kuczyńska-Chałada
ORCID: 0000-0002-5273-8328

Doctor of Technical Sciences. Research worker at the Department of Production Engineering at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. A graduate of the Silesian University of Technology in the field of management, marketing and corporate finance. Scientifically, she specialises in logistics, production management, economics and organisation as well as simulation of production processes.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.1.4
JEL: H12

The article presents the logistics of a company in the face of changes caused by a crisis situation. It provides information on the basic typology of logistics strategies and identifies the main components of these strategies. It presents the essence of logistics management, logistics as a management philosophy and what is a logistics strategy and what it can give an advantage over the competition. The article is theoretical and illustrative. It presents a significant problem from the point of connecting decisions in the area of logistics in a crisis situation. It is a topical topic in the era of a pandemic and the problems it causes in the area of strategic decisions of enterprises. Observation, analysis and synthesis methods were used as the research method. The aim of the article is to indicate that the undertaken logistic activities should be oriented both to the needs of enterprises and to the requirements of the market.

Keywords: strategic management; logistic strategy; crisis situation