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Aims and scope

The principal aim of the monthly magazine that has been published uninterruptedly for over 70 years is to disseminate the scientific output, research findings and experience in the field of broadly understood problems of material economy and logistics, including, in particular: 

- management of of raw materials, materials, packaging, investment goods and services, 
- analysis of supply markets,
- inventory and waste management,
- logistics processes in broad perspective, 
- management of supply departments in an enterprise,
- management and operation of supply chains,
- management of material flows,
- information technologies supporting business management. 

Articles published in the magazine are a valuable source of knowledge for members of scholar personnel, researchers and experts involved in analyzing, preparing and implementing corporate strategies aiming at, among other things, reduction of operating costs, streamlining the processes of production and distribution of products (goods and services), shortening delivery periods or improving the level of customer service. 

For many years the magazine was focused on publication of scientific articles that analyzed the problems of material economy and logistics seen from the Polish perspective. However, the ongoing revolution in information technologies as well as the emergence of several new technologies contributed to an increasing interest on the part of Polish scientists in solutions applied in this area abroad. On the other hand, also foreign experts have increasingly expressed their intent to learn about Polish experiences and research outcomes in the field of management and logistics. Accordingly, since 2019 the magazine started the process of internationalization by inviting experts affiliated abroad to its Scientific Board and to contribute reviews. Its editorial staff has an ambition to publish texts that analyze the transformations taking place in both Polish and European enterprises which increasingly apply the most recent achievements of science and technologies developed on that basis. This relates to IT-supported management systems, automated techniques of storage or the progress in robotics, now not only including the production networks, but also supply and delivery systems using small drones. Very important in this context is Polish as well as foreign sector dealing with production of military equipment and servicing of the armed forces, which – due to its priority significance – enjoys cutting-edge position in terms of application of new solutions, e.g. in using robots or the artificial intelligence. 

Authors publishing in the magazine are members of scholar staff of reputable universities, including military academies, of technological and economic profile, as well as practitioners representing several fields. The magazine welcomes foreign authors, whose contribution is going to confront and analyze the solutions and trends observed globally with the situation witnessed in our country. Texts published in the magazine enjoy good repute thanks to their high quality level.