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Dr Mirosław Antonowicz
ORCID: 0000-0001-7206-0625

PhD in economics, Professor at Kozminski University – Department of Marketing, Senior Logistician certified by
European Logistics Association (Brussels), business trainer. Head of Postgraduate Studies at Kozminski University in
the field of Logistics Management, Procurement Management. Head of Certified Master's Studies in Logistics
and Supply Chain Management at Kozminski University. Director at the Logistics Centre and SCM at Kozminski
University. Co-author of 3 books and 5 practical studies in the field of transport. Author or co-author of about 300 scientific
articles in the field of management, transport, marketing, logistics. Participant or manager of more than 20 different
types of research and consulting programs. Former expert and member of the Presidium (two terms) of the Section of
Logistics, Logistics and Transport Processes – Transport Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2023.4.2
JEL: R42

This paper evaluates infrastructural investments in Poland and their impact on rail transport development between China and the European Union. Using data from diverse sources, including EU databases and the PKP database, the study employs a comprehensive methodology to explore railway transport, identifying main freight routes, understanding determinants, and recognizing barriers and challenges. Emphasis is placed on dependencies in route exchange, the consequences of the Russia–Ukraine conflict, data analysis in connections between cities, corridors, and their current state, and trends, barriers, and new initiatives, including crucial structural developments in Poland. Findings reveal dynamic growth in container railway freight since 2013. Poland, exceeding most EU states in rail intermodal transport growth, appears poised to be an "intermodal logistics hub" with planned modernization. The paper offers practical significance, providing insights for policymakers, railway operators, and logistics providers, identifying opportunities and challenges for enhancing railway freight competitiveness between China and the EU and encouraging collaboration among BRI stakeholders to address shared issues. The originality of the paper lies in the assessment of the railway freight routes between China and the EU, the Belt and Road Initiative, and its relationship with the infrastructural investments in Poland.

Keywords: Silk Road Economic Belt; Belt and Road Initiative; infrastructure development; rail infrastructure; China