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DOI: 10.33226/0032-6186.2022.1.6
JEL: K31

Consequences of failure by insured persons, who gets an sickness allowance, to appear to follow-up examination by a certifying doctor of the Social Insurance Institution (Article 59(6) of the Allowance Act)

The author presents the position of the Supreme Court referring to the significant, from the point of view of practice, problem related to establishing the normative effects of "expiration of validity of the medical certificate" in connection with the fact that the insured prevented examination of the correctness of the certificate of incapacity for work due to illness by a certifying doctor of the Social Insurance Institution (SII), and what hence by, with the range assessment correctness of the SII's decision on the lack of the right to sickness allowance by the court.

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Keywords: : sickness allowance; incapacity for work due to illness; medical certificate; proceedings of the social insurance authority — evidence
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