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DOI: 10.33226/0032-6186.2021.4.9
JEL: K31

Documentary form and form of declarations of intent (knowledge) in the Polish Labour Code

The author presents the latest judgment of the Supreme Court on the issue of the form of declarations of will (knowledge) in labour law, in which the Supreme Court referred for the first time directly to the possibility of applying the documentary form to the statements of the parties to the employment relationship (Civil Code Article 772).

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Keywords: form of legal acts; documentary form; labour code — form of legal acts; labour code — form of declarations of intent; labour code — form of knowledge statements



Jaśkowski, K. (2021). W: K. Jaśkowski i E. Maniewska, Kodeks pracy. Komentarz. Ustawy towarzyszące z orzecznictwem. Warszawa.

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