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DOI: 10.33226/0032-6186.2021.12.6
JEL: K31

Losing entitlement to sickness allowance in the light of the pro-constitutional interpretation of the Act on cash social insurance benefits in respect of sickness and maternity

The author of the article presents the latest jurisprudence of the Supreme Court relating to the premises for losing entitlement to sickness allowance. She points out that the Supreme Court, seeing the need for a pro-constitutional interpretation of Article 17 sec. 1 and Article 13 sec. 1 of sickness and maternity allowance Act, significantly liberalizes the position adopted so far.

Keywords: sickness allowance; losing entitlement to social security benefits; entitlement to social security in the event of incapacity for work; social rights; pro-constitutional interpretation of statutes; Constitution of the Republic of Poland
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