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Mgr inż. Dariusz Nagrabski
ORCID: 0000-0003-3994-5530

Mgr inż. Dariusz Nagrabski

A graduate of the Higher Officers' Automobile School in Piła and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Until 2017, a professional soldier serving in various logistic positions. Currently, a lecturer at the Military University of Technology in the Department of Security, Logistics and Management. He is interested in military logistics, where he confronts the theoretical with the practical aspects of logistics security. This results in publications in the area of security, dealing with the security issues of the logistics system.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.4.5
JEL: L91, H56, R40

As part of the ongoing transformation of military logistics, since 2010, the material security of military units and institutions is carried out within the territorial logistic support system. One of the functions of material support is the provision of supplies. The aim of this article is to indicate the possibility of using courier shipments for material supply in the territorial logistic support system. The main research problem is expressed in the question: Does the material supply of Military Units by Military Economic Branches meet the requirements of the optimal selection of resources from the point of view of the possibility of using courier services? The article contains the results of own research (surveying) and the authors' experience in supplying military units.

Keywords: army; territorial logistic support system; material supply; economic efficiency; courier services