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Dr hab. inż. Ewa Kulińska
ORCID: 0000-0002-3227-057X

Dr hab. inż. Ewa Maria Kulińska, prof. PO

Associate professor, PhD Eng. She is the President of the Scientific Council of the Management and Quality Science discipline at the Opole University of Technology, plenipotentiary of the Rector of the Opole University of Technology for risk management, Head of the Logistics Department at the Faculty of Production Engineering and Logistics of the Opole University of Technology, and Senator of the Opole University of Technology. The represented scientific discipline is the area of management science and quality. She deals with logistics processes, especially their participation in the creation of added value, combining different styles of management in the integrated concepts; explores the possibility of securing enterprises against crisis (risk management, securing logistics processes). Her main research interests include practical aspects of logistics management, relationship management in supply chains, organizational development strategies, process approach in management, and modern information techniques. She is the author of over 300 scientific publications (14 books) published in domestic and foreign publishers, including in Web of Science database. She managed NCN research projects and other national and international projects. For her scientific and organizational achievements she has been repeatedly awarded by the Rector of PO and national bodies. She is a member of the Commission of Legal and Economic Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences Branch in Katowice, the Polish Logistics Association and the Polish Production Management Association. She has been awarded the Bronze Medal for Long Service by the President of Poland and the Medal of the National Education Commission.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.12.2
JEL: Q00, Q13, O32, M11

In every business process of enterprises, there are technological processes, and the warehouse and related activities are an inherent attribute of the logistics process. Logistics chain management is a multidimensional activity involving information and decision-making processes and processes using the knowledge of appropriate instruments of direction and control at the strategic and operational levels. Appropriate approach to the analysis of logistics management in solving problems involving storage management in enterprises requires recognition of the importance of problems and identification of their causes. The subject of analysis and evaluation in this study are grain storage systems as key links of logistic supply chains in the grain industry. Modern, efficient as well as sustainable logistics chains are of great economic importance in industrial storage. The paper presents a new sustainable solution for the planning process and control of grain storage activities. The described innovative solution contributes primarily to the continuity of warehouse operation in emergency situations and minimizes queues at the purchase of cereals. Moreover, this solution indicates low energy consumption, low operating costs, high efficiency, pro-environmental character and resistance to failures. The aim of this paper is to analyze and evaluate the process of planning and controlling activities for grain storage and economically viable grain flow. The authors analyzed the current situation in the grain industry and proposed organizational improvements in the form of the author's alternative method, which minimizes the queues at grain purchases and ensures continuity of storage operation in emergency situations.

Keywords: management; logistics chain; added value; decision making; warehousing; grain industry; sustainability