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Dr Karahan Kara
ORCID: 0000-0002-1359-0244

Dr Karahan Kara
Assistant professor at the Department of Management and Organization, Logistics Program, Artvin Coruh University in Turkey. His research interests include supply chain management, logistics management and innovation management.


DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.7.2
JEL: M10, M12, M15

This study is aimed to explain the relationship between Human Resource Management (HRM) capabilities and Supply Chain Performance in the textile and apparel industry and to determine the mediating role of Process Innovation (PI), which improves supply chain processes in this relationship. Two research models were introduced in the study. Hypotheses belonging to research models have been developed. Structural equation modelling was applied to test the hypotheses. The sample area of the research consists of textile and apparel companies operating in Turkey. The research level is at the executive level. HRM capabilities significantly affect SC performance in the textile and apparel industry. In addition, it was concluded that PI has a full mediating effect on the HRM-SC performance relationship. It has been determined that PI applications contribute to increasing efficiency in supply chain management processes and performance and support the development of HRM capabilities.

Keywords: supply chain process innovation; supply chain performance; human resources management; mediating effect