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Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka nr 12/2013

ISSN: 1231-2037
Pages: 32
Publication date: 2013
Place publication: Warszawa
Binding: paperback
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Gospodarka Materiałowa i Logistyka 12/2013




Spis treści


Krzysztof Rutkowski
Restrukturyzacja globalnych łańcuchów dostaw a atrakcyjność inwestycyjna Polski




Global supply chains restructuring versus the investment attractiveness of Poland


It is well established in literature that a company’s supply chain has to be adapted in order to cope with challenges of an unstable and ever changing environment, and gain an edge over its rivals in attracting customers and defending against competitive forces. The concept of supply chain configuration and reconfiguration has been at the centre of much recent research, but one might feel a lack of research on interdependencies between global supply chain reconfigurations and foreign direct investments. In a turbulent global business environment of the 21st century, a deep reshuffling of suppliers, production plants and international distribution centres locations have occurred, under which a new specific division of responsibilities between the different regions of the world and individual countries is observed. As a result of these processes some regions and countries may gain or lose their importance in the global order of network systems. Poland appears to be one of the main beneficiaries of these changes and has begun to play key roles in the global, especially European supply chains. Four case study analyses of global firms (Avon, Coty, Dell and IKEA) locating their manufacturing and/or distribution processes in Poland are presented to give evidence for the thesis.


Janusz Węgrzyn
Rozwiązywanie problemu komiwojażera za pomocą Metody Ewolucyjnej z Excela 2010




Solving of Traveling Salesman Problem using Evolutionary Solver for Excel 2010


The results of samples solutions of Traveling Salesperson Problem (TSP) received using Evolutionary Solver included in standard Solver for MS Excel 2010 is presented in this article. According to All different constraints Evolutionary Solver permits to solve TSP based on combinatorial model using permutation. Results are samples of solutions and time values received for accepted parameters and restart manners of Solver.


Aleksandra Laskowska – Rutkowska
Proces tworzenia innowacji w łańcuchu dostaw w ujęciu modelowym


Maciej Dariusz Dobrzyński, Krzysztof Dziekoński, Arkadiusz Jurczuk
Analiza bibliometryczna artykułów w „Gospodarce Materiałowej i Logistyce” z lat 2010-2012


Z praktyki przedsiębiorstw


Teresa Gajewska
Analiza porównawcza wybranych aspektów oceny jakości usług logistycznych w zakresie transportu chłodniczego




Comparative analysis selected aspects to evaluate of quality logistics services in refrigerated transport area


Quality evaluation of logistics services can be performed based on many different aspects. The aim of this paper is the comparison analysis of selected aspects in the area of quality logistics services in refrigerated transport.
The objects of conducted research includes: frequency level of company irregularities, importance of factors deciding about company competitiveness, importance of logistic service features influencing customer satisfaction, importance of factors related with flexible approach to provide logistic services, criteria of selection of logistic services or providers as well as prices of logistic services.
The research was conducted on the basis of the questionnaires designed for providers and purchasers of logistic services. The subjects of the research were companies which are providing logistic services in refrigerated transport area and using those services. For the purpose of statistical analysis the Manna-Whitney’a and χ2 test were used.

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