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Dr hab. Sławomir Bartosiewicz
ORCID: 0000-0003-2897-6307

Professor of the Military University of Technology, Faculty of Security and Logistics and Management. He is a graduate of the Military University of Technology. His scientific achievements include the field of social sciences, in the disciplines of management and quality sciences and safety sciences. His scientific interests concern issues in the areas of logistics of the state economy and the Armed Forces: security of logistics systems in management; logistical security of troops; designing logistics facilities for the needs of enterprises and the Armed Forces and managing logistic resources of the state's economic and defence system. He is the author of many scientific publications published both in domestic and foreign publishers. In his research, he focuses mainly on the integration of the theory and practice of economic logistics and logistics in the Armed Forces, which was reflected, among others, in monographs entitled: Logistics centres in the aspect of sustainable development, Logistics centres in Poland. Changes and development and Security of logistics systems in management.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2023.4.7
JEL: A12

This article contributes to the discussion on the security of warehousing systems in the management of a service enterprise operating in the supply chain. The focus of analysis and assessment is the measurement and monitoring of warehouse processes within a selected service enterprise, based on which proposals for enhancements are made. The following research problem was formulated in relation to the adopted topic: "Is the application of the indicator method justified for evaluating the security level of the warehousing systems in service enterprises operating in the supply chain?" Seeking an answer to this question involved a literature review to gather empirical data, which were then processed using an analysis of functional areas in the field of enterprise warehouse management, a synthesis of proposed procedures for evaluating the warehousing system of the selected enterprise using the indicator method and an indication of the benefits of its application, deductive reasoning, logistical measures and indicators, and algorithmic methods. Finally, through the method of inference, an answer to the research question was formulated: It is hypothesized that the application of the indicator method provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of operational security of the warehousing system within a service enterprise operating in the supply chain.

Keywords: warehousing system security; service enterprise operating in the supply chain