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Dr Daniel Dąbrowski
DOI: 10.33226/0137-5490.2021.7.7
JEL: K22

A simple joint-stock company is a new type of capital  company under Polish law, which is to be an alternative  mainly to a limited liability company. The regulations  concerning this company provide, among others, for  a prohibition of the acquisition of its own shares and  certain exceptions from this prohibition. The aim of the  article is to analyse the new regulation concerning the  acquisition of own shares. The general assessment of the  regulations concerning the acquisition of own shares by  a simple joint-stock company is in principle positive,  despite a few minor defects. However, the author argues  that it is inappropriate to maintain as a rule the  prohibition on the acquisition of own shares. It would be  reasonable to omit this prohibition and simply indicate the  prerequisites for permissible acquisitions of own shares.

Keywords: simple joint-stock company; acquisition of own shares; own shares; shares