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DOI: 10.33226/0032-6186.2021.10.3
JEL: K31
Michał Skąpski ORCID: 0000-0001-8047-4713 , e-mail: skapski|| |skapski|

Admissibility of partial termination of collective agreement and collective arrangement content

Problem of partial notice of collective agreement or collective arrangement is controversial and contrary solutions are presented in literature. Lack of direct regulation of that kind of notice is causing part of commentators to conclude, that it is forbidden. The others think, that norm of competence to execute such a notice may be built on basis of regulation of full notice of collective agreement (argumentum a maiori ad minus). The article shows, that this idea is wrong, because partial notice and full notice of collective agreement cannot be treated as minor and major result in a fortiori inference scheme. It means that currently there is no legal basis for partial notice of collective agreement in Polish legal system. This conclusion valids also for collective arrangements, at analigie legis basis. Nevertheless it is worth analyzing the need to establish such a notice in labour code, including regulation of protection of autonomy of will of the other parties of collective agreement.

Keywords: collective agreement; notice; partial notice



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