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Ppłk dr inż. Dariusz Grala
ORCID: 0000-0002-4077-6650

Ppłk dr inż. Dariusz Grala

A graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Ph.D. at the War Studies University, Faculty of Management and Command, Institute of Logistics, Vice Dean of Faculty of Management and Command. His scientific achievements are in the discipline of management and quality as well as the security science, focusing on issues of logistics effectiveness, supply chain management, logistics engineering and logistic support of multinational operations and logistics education.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.3.2
JEL: A29, H56, M53

Preparing a modern logistics manager to carry out tasks in military and civil logistics systems is a complicated process, requiring constant adaptation to dynamically changing economic, and technological conditions. This applies in particular to the education of military logisticians, who are primarily required to be prepared to manage the logistic support of troops, and at the same time they should be familiar with the management processes of military-civilian supply chains that supply troops, e.g. in multinational operations. The aim of the publication is to identify factors that negatively affect the training of logistic staff, in particular logistics managers, for the needs of the armed forces.

Keywords: education of logistics staff; logistics system of Polish Armed Forces; education of logisticians; logistics manager
DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.4.7
JEL: A29, H56, M531

The study concerns the issues of training logistic staff for the needs of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland. The aim of the publication is to identify the needs of training logistic staff in the logistics system of the Polish Armed Forces. The main research problem is expressed in the question: "In what directions should the educational offer of military universities be directed to meet the needs of the modern and future military labor market in the field of logistics?". The article contains the results of own research (expert interviews) and experiences from the implementation of the educational offer of the War Studies University.

Keywords: education of logistics staff; logistics system of Polish Armed Forces; training of logisticians; territorial system of logistic support of forces