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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.12.1
JEL: Q2, O3, M10

The importance of interplanetary supply chains in sustainable space exploration

The intensification of space exploration is associated with the use of the Earth's natural resources, which in the context of the depletion of their resources and the climate crisis may meet with social opposition. The solution for balancing the social, economic and environmental goals of space missions is to configure interplanetary supply chains that allow, inter alia, on the use of natural resources from space objects (Moon, Mars, asteroids). The aim of this article is to present the theoretical achievements to date in the field of configuring interplanetary supply chains and to indicate the importance of the development of these chains for achieving sustainable space exploration. The author claims that the development of interplanetary supply chains can contribute to the sustainable exploration of space, and thus increase the level of social acceptance for space projects.

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Keywords: interplanetary supply chains; space logistics; space missions; in-situ resources; ISRU — In-Situ Resources Utilization




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