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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.11.3
JEL: L91, R40

Transport and storage sector in selected European Union countries in 2011–2020

The main objectives behind this article are to compare the statistics for the selected European Union countries' transportation and storage sector and to assess the impact of COVID-19 crisis on these numbers. This is not a systematic review but reliable data analysis. This analysis is divided in two parts. First, the data from the Eurostat database and the Office for National Statistics website (the executive office of the UK Statistics Authority) is used to compare the transportation and storage sector's statistics in selected countries in the years 2011–2020. The main indicators are gross value added and employment level. The analysis shows that the transportation and storage sector is very sensitive to fluctuations in socio-economic activity across countries, and the 2020 crisis resulted in large declines in employment levels (with minor exceptions). The aim of the article in the second stage, is to address these changes and attempt to show the current possible trend in the labor market in the studied sector. The data downloaded from job websites is used for the study. Conclusion is that the warehouse workers and logistics managers are currently in greatest demand and this trend is manifested in most surveyed countries.

Keywords: transport and storage sector; gross value added; heat map; COVID-19 pandemic



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