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Mgr Wojciech Zdrenka
ORCID: 0000-0002-6520-8158

The author is a graduate of doctoral studies at the Faculty of
Management of the Poznań University of Economics and
Business. In the years 2015–2019 he was a PhD student at
the Department of Logistics and Transport. He is a member
of a research project financed by the National Science Centre
entitled "Value network creation in e-commerce in terms of
logistics and marketing". His research interests focus on
issue of e-commerce logistics and new information
technologies in logistics.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2020.5.1
JEL: M10, L81, F14

The issue of value perceived by customers provided to them by e-tailers is a relatively new research area. Despite of the existence of a number of studies in this field of factors shaping value for the end-buyers, still few of them apply to the specificity of e-commerce. In addition online sellers are described as the only providers of value to the buyer. Thus, the role of other entities creating value is ignored. The purpose of the article is therefore to identify the factors that in the opinion of customers shape the value of online shopping, as well as to diagnose their (clients') awareness of the need for cooperation of a number of entities in the process of delivering the expected value. The article will present the results of qualitative empirical research, in which the point of view of final buyers was adopted.

Keywords: customer value; perceived value; e-commerce; e-tailer; focus group interview; FGI