Najlepsze ceny Specjalne oferty dla członków klubu książki PWE Najtańsza dostawa
Dr Marcin Marszałek
ORCID: 0000-0001-5794-8562
Doktor nauk prawnych, wykładowca WSPiA Rzeszowskiej Szkoły Wyższej, radca prawny.
DOI: 10.33226/0137-5490.2020.1.3

This study addresses the problem of the progressive growth of public supervision over privatized business tasks in the area of provision of a general service provided by municipal companies; the issue is presented in the comparative analysis to the regime of the public law of power companies. The undertaken analysis of the legal environment of public service enterprises is focused upon the fact that as the model of regulation of tariffs for water and wastewater enterprises (a monopolist) is amended, the recipients of their services are deprived of their right to independent administration law path for challenging such tariff as infringing their legal interests. An autonomy of an individual has been reduced in a democratic state of law and the question arises whether the actual situation is sufficiently justified; and whether the protection of an individual has been reinforced or weakened. Hence, the subject of the analysis chosen is the potential to ensure the active role of citizens in promoting and effectively achieving the integration of the EU legal system in the field of competition and consumer rights. When an individual attains its private interest, an individual may have a simultaneous participation and influence in the public sphere, in which the protection of fundamental rights is most effectively carried out in the interest of all individuals.

Słowa kluczowe: public services; public utility services; administrative regulatory supervision; protection of individual rights; EU law; constitutional law; administrative proceedings; local government units

Doktor nauk prawnych, wykładowca WSPiA Rzeszowskiej Szkoły Wyższej, radca prawny.