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A recent look of the CJEU on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union

The paper discusses the rulings of the CJEU: Egenberger, IR v JQ, Bauer and Max Planck, in which the Court pointed to the direct application of Articles: 21, 31 para. 2 and 47 EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. The author draws attention to the limited significance of this jurisprudence line due to the maintenance of the arguments contained in the AMS ruling, indicating that where there is a reference to "national law and practices" in the Charter's record, such a record makes it impossible to apply the Charter directly. The effect of the case-law pointing to the direct application of the Charter also depends on the number and quality of the questions referred for a preliminary ruling by the courts from a given country.

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Keywords: EU Charter of Fundamental Rights; case law of the CJEU; European integration


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