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Material Economy and Logistics Journal 02/2022

ISSN: 1231-2037
Pages: 40
Publication date: 2022
Place publication: Warszawa
Binding: paperback
Format: A4
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.2.1
JEL: H12, M10, O32

Emerging challenges for any area of human activity trigger the need to meet them by adapting or implementing appropriate changes. Logistics today is subjected to such challenges, which are often associated with the emergence of a coronavirus. Is this the only reason for changes in logistics? The article explores issues related to identifying factors that can constitute significant challenges for logistics in the modern world. Since such discussions are held in many experts of theoreticians and logistics practitioners, the author decided to pursue the question of where to look for sources of changes in logistics, and in which areas those changes will manifest in the real logistics environment. This is the main objective of this article.

Keywords: logistics; changes; sources of change; the future of logistics
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.2.2
JEL: A12, O18, R33

The article deals with the subject of rental prices for warehouse spaces in Polish voivodeships in the year 2021 and their changes in comparison to the year 2013. Its main purpose is to answer the question: What is the level of rental prices for warehouse spaces and what it depends on? Beside commonly recognized relationships between the rental prices for warehouses and their locations, sizes and standards, the article also portrays, using a correlation analysis, the dependence of the rental prices for warehouse spaces on a selected macroeconomic indicators characteristic for the Polish economy in the year 2021 against 2013.

Keywords: warehouse; market; rental; price; macroeconomics
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.2.3
JEL: Z32, D11, F10

Shopping tourism is an important form of tourism that has been developed in the world for many years, but is not appreciated everywhere. However, many tourist destinations around the world recognize its potential and importance for the development of the tourism market, as well as the benefits that it can bring to tourist destinations. The aim of the article is to identify the behaviour of consumers on the shopping tourism market among the international community. The article presents a thesis that shopping tourism in cities around the world has a great potential for development. Own pilot surveys were conducted among the international community.

Keywords: shopping tourism; consumers behaviour; shopping facility; shopping destination; tourism market
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