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DOI: 33226/1231-2037.2019.12.3
JEL: M20, Q56

Sustainable logistics — main directions of development

The purpose of the article is to define the main directions of sustainable logistics development and to present a research model. The basis for the application process was a thematic review of English-language literature using the world  resource  catalog  for  resources  from  1996-2019.  Five main  directions  of  sustainable  logistics  development  were identified,  such  as  conceptualization  and  modeling,  policy and law, efficiency and costs, environmental measures and indicators as well as forces, determinants and development aspects.  A  model  for  conducting  research  on  sustainable logistics was proposed covering three layers: research fields, value creation and changes in logistics theory, which is open and can be applied to any field.

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Keywords: sustainable logistics; development models; sustainability


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