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Material Economy and Logistics 12/2020

ISSN: 1231-2037
Pages: 48
Publication date: 2020
Place publication: Warszawa
Binding: paperback
Format: A4
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2020.12.1
JEL: L10, L19, M10, M19

Firms are permanently looking for ways leading to the competitive advantage creation. The logistics concept plays a significant role in the process of building such an advantage. Logistics as a concept of flow management, forming business models, strategies and operational programs, uses a number of tools, including logistics projects. Within the management of logistics projects, the projects management performance, related to the flow of materials, goods and information in the project life cycle, plays a significant role.

The aim of the article is to identify the symptoms of the logistics concept impact on the logistics projects management performance.

The article is of a conceptual nature. The first part presents the essence and characteristics of the flow orientation, referring to the research on logistics determinants of business management. The second part of the article presents the basic characteristics of the logistics concept in the context of the relationships between logistics and the management system, the concept of management, management processes as well as management instruments. The third part of the article presents the nature and the most important characteristics of logistics projects, as well as the premises for undertaking research on these projects. The fourth part of the article presents the issues of the logistics projects management performance, as well as refers to the impact of the logistics concept on the logistics projects management performance.

Keywords: logistics concept; logistics project; project management; performance
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2020.12.2
JEL: D22, M21

The article constitutes the second part of the study, the purpose of which is to represent the influence of logistics on competitiveness of a service company in contemporary conditions on the example of selected service enterprises. In the article, the author attempted to conduct an in-depth analysis of logistics systems and logistics process management in the surveyed service enterprises in the context of building the enterprise's competitiveness and assessing the influence of logistics on the competitiveness of the surveyed enterprises.

Keywords: enterprise competitiveness; service enterprise; logistics
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2020.12.3
JEL: L61

The publication presents the analysis of the coke intensity for the Polish steel sector using descriptive statistics. The resource intensity is one of the important measures for assessing the sustainability of the economy, industry and enterprises. Coke is the basic material (resource) used in metallurgy for the production of steel. Coke intensity in the steel industry is a measure of the processing and coke intensity (consumption) by integrated steel mills, i.e. ones equipped with installations of blast furnaces and converters. The article presents an analysis of the coke consumption in the steel production process in Poland. Coking plants in Poland offer steel coke, foundry coke, heating coke and export coke (this explanation is important for understanding the scope of the analysis). This paper presents the coke oven market in Poland (historical changes) together with the coke production volume in 1995–2019. Then, comparisons were made of the coke production volume with the pig iron production and the production of steel produced in the BF + BOF technology (short for Blast Furnace + Basic Oxygen Furnace). The performed analysis may be useful in assessing the impact of the coke and steel industry on the sustainability of the economy in the area of resource consumption, on the example of coke production. The added value of the article is a long-term historical presentation of coke intensity. The analysis was based on industry data presented annually for the past 25 years. The aim of the research (analysis) was to fix the level of coke intensity in the market relation: supplier and producer.

Keywords: resources; resource intensity; coke; coke industry; steel intensity
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2020.12.4
JEL: L61

The article discusses the problem of analysis and evaluation of income data and its forecasting for 2019 in the selected company. A lot of research tools were used to analyze the primary time series. They allowed to observe trends in the form of a downward trend and seasonality on a monthly basis. The detected trends were examined by applying further research tools, and by building a threeway multiple regression model. The assessment of the conducted analyzes is unequivocal confirmation of the existence of the trend and seasonality on a monthly basis in the primary time series. It became a direct premise to perform the prediction of the primary time series as a result of the critical analysis of literature and personal experience by means of the Holt-Winters exponential smoothing method.

Keywords: revenues; forecasting
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