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Journal of Marketing and Market Studies 3/2020

ISSN: 1231-7853
Pages: 32
Publication date: 2020
Place publication: Warszawa
Binding: paperback
Format: A4
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.3.1
JEL: M31

Digitalization is one of the most important contemporary megatrends. Information and
communications technology is increasingly used by sport organizations. They are
business in nature and thank to that they communicate with their stakeholders,
especially with athletes, fans, media and sponsors. They use both Web 1.0 and Web
2.0 tools. Web 1.0 that's first of all: e-mail, websites, internet platforms, blogs and
vlogs. Web 2.0 tools are primarily social media. Clubs and other sport organizations
use also such technologies as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, communicators,
chatbots, virtual advertising and blockchain. Sports facilities transform into smart
stadiums, where fans have more experience during sport events.

Keywords: digitalisation; sport business; information and communication technology in sports; social media
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.3.2
JEL: M31, L3

This article is devoted to the topic of church marketing as a developing paradigm of a
holistic marketing concept. The study is cognitive in the scope of contemporary use of
church marketing and is valuable in the context of its usefulness for the church's
activity. The purpose of the first part of the article is primarily to characterize the
Catholic as an addressee of church marketing activities using new media in pastoral

ministry. Theoretical considerations will be presented in the first article, while part II
will be enriched with the results of own research conducted in the Roman Catholic
parishes of Silesia and the surrounding area. Research intentions crystallized as a
consequence of identifying insufficient knowledge about the concept of religious
marketing in Polish reality.

Keywords: non-profit organizations (third sector organizations); religious marketing (church; Christian); Catholic consumer; new media in the process of communication between the Church and the faithful
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DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2020.3.3
JEL: M31

The authors describe the role and significance of the brand in the process of
purchasing dairy products, especially yellow cheese, on the example of Cooperative
Dairy "Spomlek" in Radzyń Podlaski. The purpose of the article is to identify the
concept and category of the brand, clarify the stages and role of the brand in the
purchasing process and learn opinions on the factors that consumers are guided by
when buying yellow cheese. The authors present the results of their own research,
during which they asked the respondents, among others what elements decide about
the counting of the cheese into the brand product, what factors are the buyers guiding
when buying the Serenada brand cheese, what amount they are able to pay for the
branded cheese. It turns out that respondents when buying yellow cheese most often
took into account its taste, product recognition and attractive price. On the other hand,
the word brand is most often associated with a high quality guarantee and a graphic
symbol, and it is very important for them in the case of the cheese brand.

Keywords: ibrand; purchase process; dairy products
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