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Siła umysłu. Zmień swoje myślenie, zmień swoje życie

James Borg
ISBN: 978-83-208-2045-4
Pages: 216
Publication date: 2013
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
Translation: Hubert Górski
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For some people nothing seems as important as the thoughts that come across their minds. This book reveals which mechanisms and styles of thinking are the most common among people; how anybody can gain control of concerns and doubts troubling them; what to do in order to leash stress and anger; how to make their minds try harder and how to develop and stimulate their positive thinking; how to develop more self-confidence in contacts with other people; how to transform one’s beliefs into specific ideas and then how to make them real.


The book is addressed to anybody eager to make better use of their intellectual facilities, as well as to trainees in the fields of personal development and managerial skills.

Spis treści






Część 1. Liczy się myśl
1. Jesteśmy tym, co myślimy
2. Siła ,,zniekształconego’’ myślenia
3. Kontrola umysłu


Część 2. Umysł ,,udręczony’’
4. Procesy myślowe i stres
5. Lęk
6. Gniew


Część 3. Umysł ,,dawny’’, ,,obecny’’ i ,,przyszły’’
7. Pamięć i mózg
8. Zwycięzca bierze wszystko
9. To wspaniałe życie


Podsumowanie: Sztuka myślenia


Aneks. Rozwiązania zagadek umysłowych

James Borg

Psychologist of work, consultant and personal coach. For many years involved in issues concerning non-verbal communication and persuasion, both in his research work and practice in psychology.

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