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About us

Polish Economic Publishers, “PWE” is of one the best-known publishers of educational and professional publications in Poland. Its business profile includes academic textbooks and specialist publications on economics, management, finance, accounting, banking, marketing, logistics, statistics and quantitative methods, geography, as well as tourism and gastronomy.

The PWE is a well-recognized brand on the publishing market and has long been synonymous with quality, normativity and knowledge at the highest level. PWE aims to offer students, lecturers, managers, entrepreneurs and stock investors a wide range of titles to choose from. The authors of the books are the most outstanding Polish economists - representatives of science and business practice. The PWE’S publishing program also includes Polish translations of well-known titles of world literature.

PWE is also a publisher of specialist journals: "Material Economy and Logistics Journal", "Journal of Marketing and Market Studies", "Labour and Social Security Journal", "Business Law Journal" that reach professional and academic communities with the latest concepts and their practical application.

Polish Economic Publishers (PWE)
ul. Podwale 17 lok. 2, 00-252 Warszawa
tel. 22 826 41 82
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