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dr hab. inż. Anna Kozłowska


Dr hab. inż. Anna Kozłowska, Prof. of the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw (Poland)

Editor-in-Chief "Material Economy and Logistics”

Anna Kozłowska is a head of Optoelectronics Department at the Institute of Electronic Materials Technology (being a part of Łukasiewicz Research Network since the 1st of April 2019).  She is a graduate of the Mechatronics Faculty (former Precision Mechanics) at the Warsaw University of Technology, where in 1997 she awarded the doctoral degree.  Since September 2019 she has the postdoctoral degree in electronics awarded by the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of Warsaw University of Technology. She specializes in material technologies in the area of optoelectronics and electronics, her interests are in prototyping of the innovative solutions and technology transfer between science and industry. She conducted several research visits and trainings (among others at the Max-Born Institut Für Nichtlineare Optik und Kurzzeitspektroskopie, scientific visits in the years 2004-2006, Université de Franche-Comté, Laboratoire d’Optique P.M.Duffieux, Francja, 1995, Cranfield University, Optical Sensors Group, Anglia, 1994). She is a member of editorial board of Electronic Materials and a reviewer of JCR ranked journals in the area of nanotechnology, electronics and thermal techniques.

Chosen publications:

A. Kozłowska, H. Węglarz, Pobudzane laserowo źródła światła białego, Rynek Elektryczny 3, 49-51, 2018.

A. Kozłowska et al., The use of thermal mapping in evaluation of mechanically induced electrical degradation of graphene - based transparent heaters, Materiały Elektroniczne, 45 (1) 12-17, 2017.

A. Kozłowska et al., Graphene Joule heating measurements in environmental chamber, Progress in Automation, Robotics and Measuring TechniquesAdvances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 352, 129-135, 2015.

A. Kozłowska et al., Experimental study and numerical modeling of micro-channel cooler, with micro-pipes for high-power diode laser arrays, Applied Thermal Engineering 91, 279-287, 2015.

A. Kozłowska et al., Thermal properties of high-power diode lasers investigated by means of high resolution thermography, Materials Science and Engineering B - Advanced Functional Solid-State Materials 177, 1268-1272, 2012.

A. Kozłowska et al., Spectroscopic investigations of rare-earth materials for luminescent solar concentrators, Optica Applicata 41, 359-365, 2011.