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dr Andrzej Michalik
Współpracownik Powiślańskiej Szkoły Wyższej w Kwidzynie.
DOI: 10.33226/0137-5490.2019.10.2
JEL: K150, K220, K340

Social cooperatives are important element which reduce social exclusion in the local market. In the last few months legislator introduced radical changes in social cooperative act. It imposed the possibility to create cooperative consortium between social cooperatives and organizations which support then in built stable working places for barred persons. This solution helps to improve its economic potential and solve problems witch government procurement agreement. A cooperative consortium can also impose limitations. One of them is additional acts of administration and financial responsibility impose on cooperative consortium members. In the article reader can also find information about future development of social cooperatives in Poland.

Keywords: cooperative consortium; social cooperative; cooperation; cooperative movement

Współpracownik Powiślańskiej Szkoły Wyższej w Kwidzynie.