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Rosyjska korespondencja handlowa

Anna Strmiska-Mietlińska
ISBN: 978-83-208-2145-1
Pages: 240
Publication date: 2014
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The book is addressed to anybody looking to fluently master the Russian language in speaking and writing, in the field of broadly understood commercial activity.


The subjects covered include:


• fundamental principles obligatory in writing commercial letters,


• numerous specimens of most typical letters,


• knowledge about preparation, in Russian, of letters of inquiry, offers and contracts,


• guidelines how to lodge and reply to complaints,


• exercises meant to consolidate the skills acquired,


• a dictionary including the vocabulary of terms and expressions indispensable in running commercial correspondence.


The book was written for students in faculties of economics, trainees in language courses and extern students in economics. It should also prove interesting to anybody involved in business activity using Russian language.

Ownership transformation in Polish economy 1989-2013 ID: 741702501

Ownership transformations that had taken place in the Polish economy in the years 1989-2013, were an essential element of the country’s systemic transformation. The changes were made in the form of privatization of state-owned enterprises or establishment of new privately-owned companies. The Authors presented the history of ownership transformations in Poland, with their analysis and evaluation. Phenomena presented were described in comparative perspective at the background of economies of other countries that had taken the path of post-socialist transformation. This was accompanied by an analysis of privatization policies applied by subsequent governments.


In 2014 the 25th anniversary of initiation of the processes of systemic transformation is going to become an opportunity to come up with several analyses evaluations and summaries. This book should certainly be reckoned a significant voice in the debate about the results of these processes.


The book is addressed to scholar staff, doctoral students and students of universities and faculties of economics; politicians and officers of governmental and territorial level administration; journalists dealing with economics, and economic analysts.


Deferred income tax in selected areas of accountancy ID: 1736195099

Running business activity implies several events having their specific tax consequences, including those concerning income tax. Deferred tax, a solution existing in financial statements, is a consequence of provisional differences between balance sheet and tax-related value of assets and liabilities. This subject is relevant in relation to most thematic fields distinguished in financial accountancy, including, among other things, financial instruments, intangible and legal assets, fixed assets, long-term contracts, reserves as well as assets and liabilities nominated in foreign currencies. These issues are addressed in subsequent chapters of the publication, in which also examples (figures) concerning deferred tax are included.


The book is addressed to students in faculties of economics, post-graduate students, as well as business practitioners as an aid in selecting an appropriate accountancy policy nad tax solutions.





Вводная часть


Раздел 1
Правила составления делового письма


Раздел 2
Простые деловые письма общего характера

Сопроводительное письмо
Благодарственное письмо
Конфиденциальное письмо


Раздел 3
Преддоговорная переписка

Коммерческий запрос
Ответ на запрос
Ответ на предложение. Заказ


Раздел 4

Вводная часть контракта: преамбула
Центральная часть контракта
Предмет контракта
Количество товара
Качество товара
Место поставки
Срок поставки
Упаковка и маркировка
Условия платежа
Сдача-приемка товара
Санкции или ответственность сторон
Разрешение споров
Прочие условия
Заключительная часть контракта


Раздел 5
Претензия и ответ на нее

Краткий коммерческий словарь


Список сокращений



Anna Strmiska-Mietlińska
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