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Inżynieria systemów bezpieczeństwa

Redakcja naukowa Piotr Sienkiewicz
ISBN: 978-83-208-2209-0
Pages: 234
Publication date: 2015
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The events happening at the turn of the 20th/21st Centuries made people aware of the need to undertake a debate about a new developing sphere of security and security systems enabling to reduce the risk of threats to life and property of citizens as well as to facilities that make up the state infrastructure. The book is dedicated to this type of special and specific systems, on whose efficacy and reliability the safety of people, organizations and institutions, technological systems and other facilities of considerable value depends. The Authors – representing various environments and fields of specialization – present the fundaments of engineering of the security systems and the issue of their modelling, and then discussed as follows: the risk in engineering of security systems, cybernetic security, engineering of the information security systems, the management of information security in the offices of public administration, engineering of working safety systems, engineering of road traffic safety systems, management of health safety, security of logistics systems, national and international system of crisis management.


The book is addressed to lecturers, post-graduate students and students in various types of universities providing academic courses in such directions as: engineering of security systems, national security, domestic security, security engineering and others, teaching in the areas related with the needs of security and defense.

Efficiency in logistics. Systemic and managerial aspect ID: 542775847

Both the level and the growth of efficiency as well as the success of businesses increasingly depend on the development and implementation of modern concepts of management, among which contemporary logistics play particularly important role. Due to the weight of the issue, the Author analyzes in his book the key cognitive and pragmatic threads concerning the problems of efficiency of logistics in its systemic, managerial and market-related aspects. Undertaking comprehensive and profound research on multi-faceted nature and concept of efficiency, both from the point of view of its evaluation and from that of an analysis of its determinants may contribute to creation and consolidation of scientific fundaments for deepened consideration about the contemporary logistics and its application in corporate management.


The manual is addressed to students in faculties of economics and to logistics managers and entrepreneurs keen on rationalization of their business activities.


Spis treści



(Piotr Sienkiewicz)


Rozdział 1. Podstawy inżynierii systemów bezpieczeństwa
(Piotr Sienkiewicz)


Rozdział 2. Modelowanie systemów bezpieczeństwa
(Edward Kołodziński)


Rozdział 3. Ryzyko w inżynierii systemów bezpieczeństwa
(Piotr Sienkiewicz, Halina Świeboda)


Rozdział 4. Bezpieczeństwo cybernetyczne: wymiar wojskowy
(Bogusław Pacek)


Rozdział 5. Inżynieria systemów bezpieczeństwa informacyjnego
(Ernest Lichocki)


Rozdział 6. Zarządzanie bezpieczeństwem informacji w urzędach administracji publicznej
(Edyta Szczepaniuk)


Rozdział 7. Inżynieria systemów bezpieczeństwa pracy
(Bogdan Kosowski)


Rozdział 8. Inżynieria systemów bezpieczeństwa ruchu drogowego
(Andrzej Szymanek)


Rozdział 9. Zarządzanie bezpieczeństwem zdrowotnym
(Tadeusz Płusa)


Rozdział 10. Bezpieczeństwo systemów logistycznych
(Andrzej Szymonik)


Rozdział 11. Krajowy system zarządzania kryzysowego
(Grzegorz Sobolewski)


Rozdział 12. Międzynarodowy system zarządzania kryzysowego
(Maciej Marszałek)



(Piotr Sienkiewicz) 

Redakcja naukowa Piotr Sienkiewicz
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