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Analiza strategiczna przedsiębiorstwa

Grażyna Gierszewska, Maria Romanowska
ISBN: 978-83-208-2259-5
Pages: 240
Publication date: 2017
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: V
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The book presents methods of strategic analysis that are most popular and most commonly applied in the practice of business management. Using these methods enables evaluation of market prospects of an enterprise and to avoid most frequent mistakes. Their use makes it easier to reduce the risk of misguided decisions and to achieve success in increasingly competitive markets. The methods discussed are used to analyze the macro-environment, competitive environment and the internal condition of an enterprise. The SWOT analysis is described in detail as an instrument enabling an inquiry into the inner structure of an enterprise and its competitive environment. The book is enriched with many examples of practical application of methods presented and with sets of exercises teaching the readers how to apply these methods.


The book is addressed to students in faculties of economics in various types of universities, participants of courses and trainings upgrading managerial skills, as well as to present and future managers.


Logistics. The concept of integrated management ID: 1507497835

The book contains a thorough interpretation and an identification of basic processes of logistics and an analysis of managerial, integrating and process-wise dimension of logistics, oriented at a new quality of business management seeking the achievement of market success. The Author comprehensively presents the problems of contemporary logistics on the scale of a single enterprise and in a supply chain, with particular emphasis upon modelling of logistic processes, development of the concept of supply chain management, and strategic undertakings in logistics.


The manual is addressed to students in faculties of economics in various types of universities, managers, entrepreneurs and logisticians.


Spis treści




1. Analiza strategiczna — zakres i wykorzystanie
1.1. Pojęcie, geneza i rozwój analizy strategicznej
1.2. Użytkownicy analizy strategicznej
1.3. Metodyka planowania strategicznego
1.4. Zakres analizy strategicznej


2. Analiza makrootoczenia
2.1. Makrootoczenie i jego składniki
2.2. Metody analizy makrootoczenia
2.3. Metody scenariuszowe


3. Analiza otoczenia konkurencyjnego
3.1. Zakres i cele analizy otoczenia konkurencyjnego
3.2. Analiza „pięciu sił” M.E. Portera
3.3. Analiza grup strategicznych w sektorze
3.4. Punktowa ocena atrakcyjności sektora
3.5. Krzywa doświadczeń
3.6. Analiza potencjału globalizacyjnego sektora


4. Analiza potencjału strategicznego przedsiębiorstwa
4.1. Sposoby badania potencjału strategicznego
4.2. Bilans strategiczny przedsiębiorstwa
4.3. Analiza kluczowych czynników sukcesu
4.4. Analiza łańcucha wartości
4.5. Benchmarking
4.6. Cykl życia produktu i technologii
4.7. Metody portfelowe
4.8. Analiza zasobów przedsiębiorstwa


5. Ocena pozycji strategicznej przedsiębiorstwa
5.1. Portfelowe metody oceny pozycji strategicznej przedsiębiorstwa
5.2. Analiza SPACE
5.3. Analiza SWOT





Grażyna Gierszewska

Professor, PhD, Dsc, member of scientific staff and academic lecturer in the Warsaw University of Technology. Head of MBA studies in Management in the Lazarski University. Participated in performance of many research projects related with the transformation of the Polish economy and restructuring of organizations. Author and co-author of books, articles, expert opinions, advisory projects dedicated to presentation of the best practices of corporate management.

Maria Romanowska

Professor, PhD, Dsc, member of scholar staff and academic lecturer in the Warsaw School of Economics. Heads the Chair of Management in the Economy, Warsaw School of Economics. Author of acknowledged manuals in strategic management (i.a. Planowanie strategiczne w przedsiębiorstwie) (Strategic planning in an enterprise), monographs, scientific articles. The chair she heads runs popular post-graduate managerial studies and research on strategic behaviors of Polish enterprises.

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