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The Essence and Determinants of Innovation Management in Tourism Enterprises

Zbigniew Zontek
ISBN: 978-83-208-2354-7
eISBN: 978-83-208-2370-7
Pages: 148
Publication date: 2019
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The monograph discusses an overview of issues related to an empirical analysis of the determinants of innovation management in tourism enterprises. From among the determinants of innovation, particular attention is paid here to: anthropogenic determinants of innovation – the role of people and their creativity, cooperation and partnership – coopetition and tourism clusters, and conditions for the division of roles on the market – the role of efficient relations with customers and demand approach to the development of innovation in tourism. The element linking these conditions and simultaneously increasing their aptitude is knowledge, and its transfer within the framework of the innovative environment.

The results presented in this monograph derive from research conducted in Poland among tourism enterprises. The research has allowed identification of the most important actions, which have a significant impact on the innovation of tourism enterprises. On the basis of analysis of secondary sources and new primary research, a catalogue of the activities these entities must undertake was developed. These activities apply to both innovators and to the final recipients of innovative solutions (open innovation). Creating innovation in tourism should result from the implementation of public sector activities, both at the local, regional and national level, the private sector and the sector of supporting institutions, including: universities, research and development units, advisory centers, guarantee funds, business incubators, and also technology transfer centers, local associations and organizations. However, cooperation between individual entities in these sectors is also important. 

In modern society, oriented at the development of new information techniques, innovations have more and more utility in creating preferences in the tourism market. Innovation implies new solutions to problems of tourism services and issues, which involve a change of actual state, and it has an important part to play in the development of some fields of the tourism business. This monograph is intended for tourism industry entrepreneurs, students of management and tourism faculties. and all those interested in innovations.



1. Innovation and the innovative process 
1.1. Innovation 
1.1.1. The essence of innovation
1.1.2. Innovativeness and its importance 
1.1.3. Innovation management 
1.2. The innovative process 
1.2.1. Defining the innovation process 
1.2.2. Typology of innovation 
1.2.3. Sources of innovation 
1.3. Antecedents of innovation in world research 

2. Innovation in tourism – the complexity of the concept 
2.1. Tourism and diversity of entities involved in it 
2.1.1. The essence of tourism 
2.1.2. Classification of tourism market entities 
2.1.3. The role of the public sector in the development of tourism 
2.1.4. Involvement of the local community in the development of tourism 
2.2. Innovations in tourism and their division 
2.2.1. The obligation of innovation in services 
2.2.2. Attributes of innovative enterprises 
2.2.3. Typology of tourism enterprises’ innovations 
2.3. The effects of innovation in tourism 
2.4. Barriers to innovation of tourism enterprises 

3. Determinants of innovative processes in tourism 
3.1. Anthropogenic determinants of innovation 
3.1.1. The role of human resources in the creation of innovation 
3.1.2. The importance of creativity in the development of innovation 
3.2. Conditions for cooperation and partnership 
3.2.1. Innovative forms of cooperation between tourism entities –  coopetition 
3.2.2. Partner networks (clusters) as a form of organizational innovation  in the tourism industry 
3.3. Conditions for the division of roles on the market 
3.3.1. Management of relations between a tourism company and its clients 
3.3.2. Demand approach to the development of innovation in tourism 
3.4. Modelling innovation management in tourism 

4. Innovation management in tourism enterprises in empirical research 
4.1. Methodology of research and spatial range 
4.2. Survey results 
4.3. Recommended directions of innovation management in tourism 



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List of figures 

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Zbigniew Zontek
Zbigniew Zontek

Zbigniew Zontek, lecturer and scientist at the University of Bielsko-Biala, Faculty of Marketing and Entrepreneurship. He has been working on research into innovation, business management, tourism services and social organizations & enterprises and presenting his research findings on many international conferences, inter alia: the 4th International Conference: Tourism in South and Eastern Europe, University of Rijeka, Croatia, 2015; 12th European Conference on Management Leadership and Governance, ACPI, Bucharest, Romania, 2016; 16th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management studies, ACPI, Dublin, Ireland, 2017; World Conference on Business, Economics and Management, AWER, Turkey 2018. He has delivered guest lectures in: Turkey -  Gebze Institute of Technology (2012), Czech Republic - Technical University of Ostrava (2015, 2017, 2018), Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (2018), University of Zlin (2015), Slovakia -  University of Žilina 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, Germany - University of Applied Sciences, Mittweida 2016. Currently, he is also working as a business consultant and board member of the Local Tourism Organization in Bielsko-Biala.

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