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Mgr Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc
ORCID: 0000-0001-9194-6069

Mgr Nguyen Thi Hong Ngoc

She works for Hue University in Vietnam, School of Hospitality and Tourism. She is also a doctoral student at Doctoral School of the University of Szczecin. Her scientific interests concentrate on: marketing management; tourism management and digital marketing.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2022.3.3
JEL: M31

Mobile communication technology has penetrated consumer markets around the world. Mobile marketing has the ability to have a certain influence on business activities, consumer behavior, as well as national and global markets. Therefore, it is of considerable value to identify the factors that influence the acceptance of mobile marketing. Based on a literature review and theoretical basis of the TAM model, this paper proposes an extended theoretical model to conduct the analysis. The study was conducted with 784 students in Vietnam and Poland. Structural equation modeling was conducted to determine that factors affecting mobile marketing adoption in Vietnam and Poland. In addition, a comparative test was performed to determine the impact of cultural differences. perceived of usefulness, information value, brand trust were key factors predicting positive attitude and purchase intention among both Vietnamese and Polish. Moreover, the results also found multiple cross-cultural differences — particularly in perceived of usefulness, information value, brand trust and privacy. The study provided some practical and informative insights from user perspectives for enterprises looking to enter the Vietnamese and Polish markets.

Keywords: consumer acceptance; mobile marketing; cross-cultural approach; Vietnam and Poland