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Dr hab. inż. Adam Redmer
ORCID: 0000-0003-2154-232X

Dr hab. inż. Adam Redmer

Lecturer, trainer and business consultant in logistics, Poznan University of Technology. The scope of interests and experience: logistics (transportation and warehousing), including: analysis and optimization, fleet management, inventory management, mathematical modeling and design of distribution networks, business process analysis and redesign. Cooperation with: Lukasiewicz Research Network / Institute of Logistics and Warehousing, ABC Academy, Center of Logistics Education — CEL, Managers Academy, Management Academy, ECR Poland, WYG Consulting, high schools (WSL and Higher Vocational School ''Kadry dla Europy''). Author of over 50 publications, numerous research, consulting and training projects.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2022.2.2
JEL: A12, O18, R33

The article deals with the subject of rental prices for warehouse spaces in Polish voivodeships in the year 2021 and their changes in comparison to the year 2013. Its main purpose is to answer the question: What is the level of rental prices for warehouse spaces and what it depends on? Beside commonly recognized relationships between the rental prices for warehouses and their locations, sizes and standards, the article also portrays, using a correlation analysis, the dependence of the rental prices for warehouse spaces on a selected macroeconomic indicators characteristic for the Polish economy in the year 2021 against 2013.

Keywords: warehouse; market; rental; price; macroeconomics
DOI: 0000-0003-2154-232X
JEL: C610, D230, L140

The aim of the paper is to present the mathematical model for the selection of the fleet acquisition strategy considering forklifts. The basis for the presented considerations constitutes the Make or Buy analysis, allowing for a decision if it should be a company's own, in-house fleet (bought, leased, credited), or outside one (short- or long-term rented). The discussed Make or Buy problem is extended in the paper to its Make and Buy version that takes into account mixed solutions, i.e. fleets composed of company's own and outside forklifts at the same time. All the above taking into account a total, annual fleet exploitation costs, including components specific for forklifts rental, where rental fees constitute fixed costs. The comprehensive mathematical model presented in the paper allows for the precise calculation of the indicated total, annual fleet exploitation costs. The paper is completed with a broad and detailed computational experiment presenting practical application of the model using a real-life input data. The detailed and precise conclusions concerning the selection of a forklift fleet acquisition strategy are drown as well.

Keywords: internal transport; fleet; forklift; make or buy; outsourcing