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Harmony in Chinese economic culture. The perspective of contemporary socio-economic aspects

Katarzyna Mazur-Włodarczyk
ISBN: 978-83-208-2433-9
Pages: 150
Publication date: 2021
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
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The book presents one of the components of Chinese culture, which is the category of harmony from the point of view of elements affecting both economic behavior – economic culture, and organizational/managerial – management culture.
In China, the perception of the category of harmony is far from homogeneous. It arises not only from the extremely diverse Chinese society due to, inter alia, on the ethnic groups present in the PRC, generation affiliation or the socio-economic situation of its inhabitants, but also the perception of the space of life to which the category of harmony applies. The above factors contribute not only to the behaviors and interactions of everyday life, but also to economic decisions. Harmony is an exceptionally broad term: starting from its perception as a dynamic balance, through the way of achieving physical and mental health, manifestation of aesthetics, path to the Tao, the doctrine of the mean, no distortions between phenomena, sustainable development, a tool applicable for building a strong position in the international space, up to the socialist dimension. Knowledge of the category of harmony, its complexity and richness, including the conditions and methods of application, allows, inter alia, to find out and outline the way of thinking of the people of the PRC who exist in the world of many complementary contradictions, as well as promotion of communication with its representatives, also on a business sphere.
The author tries to answer the following groups of questions: How is the category of harmony understood today in China? What influences harmony in the PRC? Is harmony really still important in the life of a modern Chinese? And most of all: Is the pursuit of harmony visible in China in connection with economic activity?


1. Introduction – harmony as far as the eye can see 

2. The influence of culture on human economic activity

3. Economics of the People’s Republic of China 

4. The concept of harmony in the traditional philosophy and culture of China 

Harmony as a symbol 
Harmony as a way of achieving physical and mental health 
Harmony as a manifestation of aesthetics 
Harmony as a path to the Tao 
Harmony as the doctrine of the mean 
Harmony as the lack of dissonance between phenomena 

5. The influence of harmony on Chinese domestic policy, economy, and foreign policy 

Harmony as a key value of a socialist society 
Harmony as sustainable development 
Harmony as a tool for developing a strong international position 

6. Harmony as a value for the current generation of young Chinese 

Survey research 

7. Conclusions 


Katarzyna Mazur-Włodarczyk
Katarzyna Mazur-Włodarczyk

PhD in Economics. A researcher at the Faculty of Economics and Management at the Opole University of Technology in Poland. Winner of a scholarship for an outstanding young scientist (2022). One of her master's degrees was obtained at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing. Her research interests focus on the following issues: economic culture, management culture, cultural economy, the socio-economic situation of the PRC, Sino–European Union business communication, and sustainable production and consumption.

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