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Logistyka zwrotna. Teoria i praktyka

Jacek Szołtysek, Sebastian Twaróg
ISBN: 978-83-208-2268-7
Pages: 152
Publication date: 2017
Place publication: Warszawa
Publication: I
Binding: paperback
Format: B5
14.00 €
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Waste management has presently become one of the key elements within strategies aimed at the environment protection. The Authors, recognizing the importance of this area for the functioning of communes, towns, regions and countries, presented in their book the sources of waste, the objectives and pre-requisites of waste management, logistics in development of reverse streams, the place of reversed logistics in the systems of waste management and reversed logistics in supply chains.

The book is addressed to students of logistics, management, environment protection. It may also prove useful for entrepreneurs, managers and persons professionally dealing with planning, designing and implementation of environment-friendly solutions.

Spis treści




1 Odpady
1.1. Źródła i przyczyny powstawania odpadów
1.2. Gospodarowanie odpadami
1.3. Klasyfikacja odpadów


2 Ekologiczne, ekonomiczne i prawne uwarunkowania gospodarki odpadami
2.1. Ekologiczne podejście do gospodarowania zasobami
2.2. Ekonomiczne uzasadnienie zagospodarowania odpadów
2.3. Prawne uwarunkowania gospodarki odpadami


3 Logistyka w kształtowaniu strumieni zwrotnych
3.1. Od modelu liniowego do zamykania cyklu gospodarowania
3.2. Logistyka zwrotna jako koncepcja kształtowania przepływów odpadów
3.3. Przedmiot, cele i zadania logistyki zwrotnej
3.4. System logistyczny gospodarowania odpadami


4 Zadania logistyki zwrotnej w systemach gospodarki odpadami
4.1. Zadania logistyki zwrotnej w systemach gromadzenia odpadów
4.2. Zadania logistyki zwrotnej w zakresie transportu odpadów
4.3. Zadania logistyki zwrotnej w systemach zagospodarowania odpadów
4.3.1. Systemy ponownego użycia odpadów
4.3.2. Systemy ponownego wytworzenia
4.3.3. Systemy recyklingu
4.3.4. Systemy unieszkodliwiania odpadów


5 Logistyka zwrotna w łańcuchach dostaw
5.1. Łańcuch dostaw a działania logistyki zwrotnej
5.2. Rola logistyki zwrotnej w konfigurowaniu łańcuchów dostaw
5.3. Logistyka zwrotna a strategia pull-push — praktyka gospodarowania odpadami





Jacek Szołtysek
Jacek Szołtysek

Professor Jacek Szołtysek, PhD Dsc, BEng, full Professor, head of the Chair of Social Logistics in the Faculty of Management, the University of Economics in Katowice. His scientific interests have been, for over 15 years, focused on the potential of logistics in urban management, in health service, humanitarian actions and other applications of social logistics. He has initiated new research directions in the area of urban logistics, initiated and propagated new areas of application of logistics – specifically, social logistics. Author of 6 academic manuals, 3 scientific monographs, 50 chapters in scientific monographs, as well as 120 scientific articles, published domestically and abroad. Scientific editor of 15 scientific works. Lectures in urban logistics in undergraduate, M.A. doctoral studies in Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Received awards of the Editor at the University of Economics in Katowice, of the Minister of Science and Higher Education, of the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Communication of the Republic of Poland. For the manual Podstawy logistyki miejskiej (Fundamentals of urban logistics, 2nd extended edition) received, in 2008, the Special Journalists Award for the best academic manual.

Sebastian Twaróg
Sebastian Twaróg

Sebastian Twaróg, PhD – an associate professor in the Chair of Social Logistics, the University of Economics in Katowice. Graduated from the Karol Adamiecki University of Economics in Katowice in 2009; in 2012 received the degree of doctor of economic sciences in the area of sciences on management, on the basis of his innovative dissertation entitled: Logistyczne aspekty zarządzania łańcuchami dostaw krwi w Polsce (Logistical aspects of management of supply chain of blood in Poland), for which he received an individual 2nd degree award of the Minister of Science and Higher Education. Author and co-author of 55 publications in Polish and English. Presented his works on many national and foreign conferences. Participated in foreign apprenticeship stays in Germany, Palestine, Russia, Sweden.

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