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Paweł Kolejnik

Paweł Kolejnik

Student of management at the Faculty of Management Engineering at the Białystok University of Technology. Vicechairman of the Student Science Club "Young Investor". Creative and involved in each of his projects. He plans to establish a startup in the future.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-7853.2021.12.5
JEL: L26, M21

The aim of the article is to indicate in an organised and condensed way the non-repayable and unpaid sources of start-up funding in the Polish ecosystem, as well as the analysis of their accessibility. The research material has been based on data and information included in the publications and reports provided by the institutions supporting the development of start-ups and innovations (e.g. NCBR, PARP, PFR, Startup Poland), the Internet websites of public support systems (containing the competition regulations and documentation) together with numerous websites of private entities (containing program regulations and documentation). The analysis has been formed in respect of non-returnable forms of support, subjective and objective scope, along with the amount of funding. As a result the shortcomings of the non-repayable start-up funding system in Poland have been exposed.

Keywords: startup; financing sturtup's; startup ecosystem