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Dr inż. Tomasz Małysa
ORCID: 0000-0002-9352-0528

Dr inż. Tomasz Małysa

PhD Eng., Assistant Professor at the Department of Production Engineering at the Sile-sian University of Technology, where he teaches in the field of technical safety at work, machine safety and ergonomics.

DOI: 10.33226/1231-2037.2021.9.4
JEL: J28

The article is of a theoretical and practical nature and it contains a statistical analysis. It presents the problem of the occurrence of accidents reported for transport activities and storage in Poland in 2014–2019 (a six-year analysis). The analysis included the determination of accident rates: frequency and severity of consequences. The demographic characteristics of the injured persons, such as sex, age, length of service, were also analyzed. The conducted analyzes allowed for an assessment of occupational safety in the field of transport activities and storage. The conducted study made it possible to identify groups of workers that are most often exposed to accidents at work. The aim of the study was to assess occupational safety in the field of transport activities and storage, taking particular account of and identifying professional groups to which special attention should be paid during training in the area of building awareness of safe behavior in the workplace. Identification of professional groups in which accidents are most often registered and the application of effective protective and training prophylaxis may translate into an improvement in work safety.

Keywords: transport activities and storage; accident at work; accident rates